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The jewels are all made in Montreal in Blue Scarabie’s workshop. The pearls are from China and the silver sterling from italie for a beautiful quality. The pearls are available in natural and treated colors in different shapes like round, baroque and semi-baroque.
Founded by Dominique Sawyer, after more than 20 years in the fashion industry, in the lingerie field, she decides to go back to school at Ecole des Métiers du Sud-Ouest of Montreal to get a diplomat in Jewelry. And finding that it was not enough, she joined the Gemology School of Montreal to get a certificate in gemology. In October 2013, she also succeed getting a diplomat in the pearl classification.

It is in June 2014 that she launches her first jewel collection made of pearls and sterling silver. She will terminate her studies in summer 2015. However her pearl collection is now available under the brand Blue Scarabie. Rings made of pearls will be available no later than for spring 2015.

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Blue Scarabie
Blue Scarabie