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In Milan, the studio of Piero Lissoni, a designer worthy of being called the representative of modern day “Lombard Classicism”, covers the entire range of projects historically considered to be within an Italian architect’s jurisdiction: from urban planning to residential and public buildings; from theatres to hotels to shops; from graphics to exhibit design; from the design of kitchens and sofas to designing super-yachts and… to small objects for the bathroom that have been brought together here in this first-ever typologically complete, thematic collection in Alessi’s catalogue. “ALESSI” expresses the finest in large-scale industrial production in the house ware sector; both in terms of the quality of manufacturing and design. These brands do not possess independent identities, but rather reflect three different expressions of the same corporate identity

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Birillo Bathroom Bowl
Birillo Cotton Pad Dispenser

Birillo Liquid Soap Dispenser
Birillo Q-tip Jar

Birillo Soap Box
Birillo Soap Pump

Birillo Toilet Brush
Birillo Toothbrush Holder

Birillo Towel Holder
Birillo Towel Holder with White Top