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Alessi is a company unique in its ability to create the finest in contemporary design in different product types, styles, and price levels. The company presently offers the entire product range under the following three brands:
“OFFICINA ALESSI” features products that are more refined, expensive, experimental and innovative, with small production runs and limited editions.
“A di ALESSI” presents what we call “democratic” design; the best in design at an affordable price.
“ALESSI” expresses the finest in large-scale industrial production in the house ware sector; both in terms of the quality of manufacturing and design. These brands do not possess independent identities, but rather reflect three different expressions of the same corporate identity

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Ala Crumb collector
Alessandro Mendini Anna G Corkscrew Black

Alessandro Mendini Anna G Corkscrew Chrome

Blow Up Table
Blow Up Umbrella Stand

Boston Shaker
Dressed Bottle Coaster

Duck Timer
Ettore Sottsass Wine Cooler