Taking proper care of your fine bed linens will ensure long lasting comfort and maintain the natural beauty of the fabric. Often, fabric damage results from over drying and bleaching. For special embellished hems, finishes and delicate embroideries, professional hand laundering is recommended. However, in most instances, your fine bed linens will respond beautifully when following these simple guidelines.

Washing and Care Instructions:

Bed Linens, Duvet Covers & Accessories: Machine wash on gentle cycle with warm water and a mild, non-chlorine bleach detergent. Use enzyme reactive stain removers only. (Chlorine bleach weakens fabric and may cause yellowing.) Do not use stain removers or detergents with lighteners. Never pour detergent or soap directly on your fabrics. Dilute with water first. Wash colors separately. Do not use fabric softeners, these only coat the fibers and make them "appear" to be soft. One cup of white vinegar in the rinse water removes all traces of soap and leaves fabrics smelling fresh.

The ideal way to dry textiles is air only on a line or rod. If you must tumble dry, use the lowest heat setting and never dry completely. It is in the last few minutes of a dryer cycle that fabrics overheat and dry out, which makes them brittle and lifeless over time. You may air dry sheeting by smoothing out wrinkles over a bed. To bring back luster and sheen, pressing is recommended. Set iron on hot or cotton setting. Press while still damp, on the underside and using a well-padded ironing board. Do not press on creases as this will cause wear over time. When pressing monograms, place face down on a towel, smooth and fold. Store dry sheeting away from the light in a ventilated area. Never store in plastic.

Matelasse Blanket Covers & Accessories: Dry cleaning recommended. Machine wash on gentle cycle with cool water and a non-chlorine bleach detergent. (Chlorine bleach weakens fabric and may cause yellowing.) Wash colors separately. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not over dry. Smooth and fold.

Table Linens

Follow the same instructions for fine bed linens. Wine stains should be immediately wet with soda water and absorbed with a towel. Food stains can be treated with diluted mild detergent and left to soak in the washing machine in warm water overnight. If the stain persists, try soaking in an enzyme reactive stain remover.

Care of Down Products

Quality down products will last for many years if properly cared for.

Can down be washed?

Yes, if the manufacturer recommends such care. Please refer to the manufacturers instructions for care of their specific product.

Can down be dry cleaned?

Yes, but it is important to use a reputable dry cleaning establishment.
After dry cleaning, it is important to air out your down filled item before using.
**Again, please check care instructions included with your product purchase.

How do I clean my featherbed?

As featherbeds are very difficult to clean due to their weight and bulk, it is very important to use a protector to keep it as clean as possible and to extend its life. Follow manufacturers instructions for care and cleaning.

Storage of down products:

While it is fine to compress a down sleeping bag while camping or hiking, down products should not be compressed for extended lengths of time.

They should not be sat on for long periods of time, and should not have any heavy objects put on top of them.

They should be stored in a breathable bag, not plastic. After being stored for a long period of time, the item should be shaken to allow the down to reloft to its original condition.