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The St. Geneve ranges of duvets are made in Canada using the rarest, most exquisite qualities of downs from sources all around the world. These downs have tremendous insulating power and puff up to be very thick yet they are very lightweight and extremely comfortable. It is St. Geneve's expertise in design and choice of mature downs with high loft, density, and clinging ability that makes this possible. In its commitment to live up the highest standard of luxury, the firm guarantees the finest workmanship.
All St.Geneve luxury-style down-proof coverings are made of genuine Egyptian Cotton, milled in Germany where they have the expertise to weave and finish fabric that is very lightweight and soft, yet will remain down-proof for decades. For the finest duvets, nothing less will suffice. 
The art of making fine down duvets originated in Northern Europe, and true to the Scandinavian tradition, each duvet from St. Geneve has a coin sewn into a corner just before final finishing. This is to bring the owners good luck. 

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